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Re: O2 sensor splice: crimp or solder?

<<Since the list consensus in the past has always been "it is okay to splice 
long as you use the correct (heated or not heated) Bosch sensor" in your 
opinion is this practice really okay or should we all start shopping for the 
O.E. sensor with the appropriate wire length and connectors? TIA

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq>> 

	FWIW, I've done this on two '87 5KTQs and an '85 Volvo 740T. Just 
went to the local parts store and looked at the pictures and found the 3-wire 
sensors. Then checked the pricing and bought the cheapest one. Last time out 
it was one with a connector for a Nissan of some sort.  ;-)
	One of the 5Ks has about 100K miles on the "wrong" sensor. 

	As far as connections, I originally crimped the wires together with a 
"consumer grade" crimper with a butt splice. It worked loose on one of the 
wires and would cause the car to quit running on occasion. I'd have to turn 
the switch off and restart the engine. Big PITA. Thereafter I've used "wire 
nuts" to keep the wires together and used serious duct tape (200 mph grade) 
to hold the three splices together and keep them waterproof. [Hey, when your 
from the south, duct tape can be used for most everything but sex.....]