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Re: Millenium Compliance

yes that could be true... but unless the chip(s) aren't set to the right date
somehow, it shouldn't be a problem.  if the date function isn't used, it
probably defaults on startup to the date the firmware was burned or something.
so if you have a 1997 car and let it idle or don't disconnect the battery for 3
years, maybe...

Jeremiah Curry wrote:

> actually it could be a problem as the chips embedded in many parts of your
> car have the capability to carry a date stamp.  Even if this option is not
> used the chip could malfunction due to y2k problems.  Of course old cars
> like mine shouldn't be a problem
> Jeremiah Curry
> '84 Coupe GT
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> >>Ok Q heads,
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> >>Anyone got any thoughts on the Y2K issue for us people running older cars
> or even newer ones for that matter. It seems to me in the UK that the
> automotive industry is keeping rather quiet on the millenium compliance of
> it's products. Who's to say that we don't jump in for a spin in our pride
> and joy's on Jan 1st when the hangover's gone to find the thing won't start.
> Does anyone out there have any info on this or know of a way of testing a
> car for compliance? Look forward to hearing from someone!!!
> >
> >I don't think cars will have a problem with it. The only place a car
> >might know the date, is if it's got a clock which shows date. The
> >"clock" used in cars just counts like "point-point-point" and so on,
> >and will not be affected by the Y2K issue..
> >
> >ES
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