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Re: ac help needed

Believe it or not, thats normal. Audis have very little torque off idle, and the
AC compressor sucks what feels like 30+ hp outa that engine. I hit Econ when I
need acceleration, then tap Auto again.

Rokas Reipa wrote:

> . The problem is that
> when the a/c is on, the car barely accelerates. I read somewhere that the
> ecu is supposed to compensate for the increased stress that the compressor
> puts on the engine; it seems as if mine is not doing that at all. It feels
> like the ignition timing is hopelessly retarded; the car is very slow at
> first but then the car goes fine once the turbo boost reaches 1.0 and above.
> Accelerating from start literally takes forever; this makes the car
> dangerous to drive in the city. I really would like to take care of this
> problem once and for all. The AC Delco control unit inside my car is in
> questionable condition; could that be a problem? Where do I start? Please
> help. TIA
> Rokas
> 86 5kcst