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Fwd: 83 TQC for sale


I know you know my coupe is For Sale but here is the deal, I have a S4 now
(that needs work) and I need money to pay for it. So if you know anyone
that wants a coupe I will sale this thing Cheap, any price will be
considered (almost) 
Any price if it is cash now. It needs a few things, tabs, tires, etc. SO
now is the time.
I may also part it out ,,,Then sale it real cheap stock.
8 in wheels, brakes, sway bars, springs, Euro lights, etc.
I also have for sale.
83 coupe dash, complete tan interior, pan, 84 rear sub frame with hubs and
shocks, complete UFO brakes,
Porsche 944 turbo brakes 2 sets (all 4) Many other 944 parts
Let me know .............. I am a seller.
Craig Hillis
206 524 6000

> From: Greg Johnson <gregsj@iea.com>
> To: northwest audi enthusiasts <audi-nw@u.washington.edu>
> Subject: Interchangable?
> Date: Wednesday, June 02, 1999 1:26 PM
> Fellow Audians;
> A used parts fellow is telling me that the bearing housing/hubs
> from a '94 100Q are the same as those used on an S6.
> Interchangable or not?  More importantly, will it fit my '91 200
> TQA (for a brake conversion).
> TIA for your help.
> GregJ