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Re: 5K Brake Anomoly

I have had this happen before and if it's the same problem I had it was the 
piston seal in the master cylinder.  I had this happen twice in a one month 
period and replacing the master cylinder made it go away.  Definently not 
something to fool with.

>Last week, my wife had a scary incident. While going downhill, she
>reported that the brakes didn't work.  She pushed on the pedal but the
>brakes did not have any (or at least not much) effect.  No warning lites
>came on, before during or after, just greatly reduced braking.
>Fortunately it wasn't at a critical time.
>This was a one time event.  Before and since then the brakes have worked
>fine.  I've checked and there are no apparent leaks, all fluids are
>full...and the brake system was flushed about a year ago.  The only
>known "issue" is that the rear pads are wearing thin, but not
>dangerously so...(and they will be replaced soon)
>I've thought dirt or water maybe on the rotors.  I've thought (but not
>mentioned for the obvious reasons) that maybe she was hitting the clutch
>pedal instead of the brakes by mistake that one time. Any thoughts from
>listers as to what this one time event might have been, and if it is
>something that could re-occur at a more critical time?