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Re: 5K Brake Anomoly

>Last week, my wife had a scary incident. While going downhill, she
>reported that the brakes didn't work.
[much snip]
>Any thoughts from
>listers as to what this one time event might have been, and if it is
>something that could re-occur at a more critical time?

My wife had a similiar experience with her Bronco II.  Brakes have been fine
for years.  One time down to the floor on the way home not critical what the
hell is this adventure.

I drove the car afterwards, and it was fine.

Over then next week, the to the floor thing happens to her once or twice
more, and then I noticed a small amount of brake fluid coming from between
the MC and the vacuum booster.  Instant new MC! ($50 on a Bronco II :-).

All has been fine for weeks with the new MC installed.

Conclusions:  MCs can fail that fast.  It is highly likely the problem will
not go away.  We, that is, myself and my wife, and you and your wife, are
fortunate the intermittent failure did not occur at a critical time.

YMMV, but at least you have a datapoint from me.


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'88 5kcstq