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Re: O2 Sensor

I have a couple of questions......
1.  For those of you who bought a univ. 3 wire o2 sens.....where did you get
it and what is the part number for it (Bosch I'm assuming)?
The guys I normally deal with can't find a univ. one for my car .... so I
settled for the normal OE one at $140 CDN.

2.  This one is concerning us 4 door sedan drivers ... would it be valid
statement to say that we don't need a rear strut brace for our vehicles?
Reasoning : the seat back of the rear seat is supported by stamped sheet
metal that goes across the full width of the car in the rear.  It also
supports the seat back from top to bottom.  As well, the rear deck (where
speakers are) is tack welded to this sheet metal and then bends to form the
rear deck which also goes across the full width of the rear.  Any opinions on

I might have just started another thread on this list (thinking back to age
of listers).

-<{Quattro 20V Boy}>-