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re RE: '91 200Q Bose Pyrotechnic Device

"Bob Rossato" <bob.rossato@worldnet.att.net> wrote:

> I remember very many Germans having it mounted transversely on the floor
> immediately in front of the driver's seat.  I think some Mercedes cars
> even had a bracket fixed to the seat itself.
> Has the advantage of being accessible to a trapped driver.
> --
>  Phil Payne

Seat mounted fire extinguishers are shown for several models In ETKA.  In
most models ETKA refers you to the accessories catalog, but part numbers are
listed in the 100 series and the V8, and possibly others.

893 860 290A	Seat Bracket
4A0 860 290 	Seat Bracket (for electric adjustable seats)
443 860 293	Fire Extinguisher Bracket

Plus you'll need a few nuts and washers.  Presumably they would work with
most Audi seats but I'm sure not all.  Availability and cost are totally
different issues.

Does it seem that one needs both parts 290 and 293 for an installation, or
is 293 for mounting somewhere other than the seat?  Or are these for
different vehicles?

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