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Re: Valve Adjustment - WX UrQ

Buchholz, Steven wrote:
> I've actually got 2 tools, one depresses the cam follower and the other
> reaches around the cam to grab the shim in the bucket (which you may 
> gauges. What else do I need to do this job? Do I need a special tool to
> > compress the lifters? Thanks in advance.
> >
> > Andrew Finney
> > 1983 UrQ
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I have a whole box of lifter shims that I don't need.  They were used in
my 2 audi 5000 diesels and my X19 Fiat. I don't have these cars anymore
 thank goodness so if anybody wants them they can have them for the
 shippng cost.

Pat Korach
kirkland, WA

Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA
I think I have at least a 100 shims of all thicknesses.