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RE: Valve Adjustment - WX UrQ

I've actually got 2 tools, one depresses the cam follower and the other
reaches around the cam to grab the shim in the bucket (which you may not
really need).  In addition to the feelers it is good to have a micrometer to
be able to measure the thickness of the shim (not all have the numbers
written on them!)  Over all you can't beat it for simplicity ... the only
thing that is wierd is that if you need to change a shim then you have to
measure the current one, figure out the thickness you need and go out and
buy one if you don't have a supply.  Over time you do tend to build up a
supply of different thicknesses.  The VW/Audi shims are only available in a
certain range, but I've found that Fiat uses the same diameter shims and has
a wider range of thicknesses.  

Given my experiences with hydraulic lifters on the MC engine I much prefer
the solid lifter setup ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

BTW, if you switch over to the neoprene gasket in place of the original cork
one be sure to replace the hold down studs for the valve cover with studs
that don't have a shoulder.  The neoprene gasket has the spacers molded into
it already, and these will interfere with the stock studs!

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> Subject: 	Valve Adjustment - WX UrQ
> Has anyone got any helpful BTDT's on this one? I would like to replace
> the valve cover gasket on my 1983 UrQ and while I'm in there I'd like
> to check the valve clearances. I have a good set of angled feeler
> gauges. What else do I need to do this job? Do I need a special tool to
> compress the lifters? Thanks in advance.
> Andrew Finney
> 1983 UrQ
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