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Re: Injector Removal

They just pull out using a small pry tool, I got mine from one of the
vw/audi specialty tool places.  I think there is on listed on the q-vendors
list. If you don't find it I will dig up my catalog. They are dificult to
pull when the o-rings have hardened, be sure to pic up new ones.

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Subject: Injector Removal

> I need to replace the injectors in my 1990 200 (MC engine) this
> weekend.  BTW, Linda @ Carlsen has the injectors for $43 each.
> Great price compared to the $97/ea. quotes I got locally....
> After checking the Bentley, as usual, I find it's d**m little help. My
> unanswered question is - HOW do you remove the fuel injectors?
> The one and only sentence I can find tin the Bentley is in section
> 20.17, wherein it sayeth: "Pull injectors (in direction of arrow) out of
> their inserts with fuel lines left attached."  [part of checking fuel
> injector sequence...]
> I cannot believe I'm interpreting this correctly and that all one needs
> to do is give them a pull.  In my 280ZX, each injector has a
> retaining base with two screws - and it seems like there should be
> SOMEthing holding the Audi injectors in place.
> So - what's the removal procedure?  What needs to come off befoer
> the injectors can be removed?  Anything to watch out for, such as
> small O-rings which can fall inside the manifold?  I already figured
> out that kinking the fuel lines is a no-no...
> TIA, list-compadres.
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