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Re: Looking for better crimp connectors

I have seen these too, I am going to try boeing surplus, cause they use them
at boeing when they assemble the planes
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From: scott miller <macatawa@hotmail.com>
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Date: Wednesday, June 09, 1999 8:49 PM
Subject: Looking for better crimp connectors

>I fly '55 to '58 Boeings in the Air Force Reserves, and our maintenance
>do a lot of crimp connections that really need to work.  I don't know where
>they get those connectors, but they're vastly better than the ones I can
>find.  These have clear, tinted insulation.  The metal is thicker and
>softer, the hole inside funnels down to guide wire strands together.  I've
>tried to chase down a supplier, no luck yet.  Any ideas?
>'90 200tqw
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