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RE: Odd problem with 90q20v

Some models have a problem if the gas cap is not properly tightened -
perhaps this applies here?

Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ 10V

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Hairy green toads from Mars made Gaidos, A. say:

>  From the first day I bought my 1990 90q20v it has been flawless. Until
> today. The car was running fine. I then pull into a gas station to fill
> When I left the gas station all of a sudden the car lost all power and
> not climb above 2000 rpm. It would sputter, miss but die. I was basically
> forced to keep it under 2000 rpm until I found a place to pull over.
>  I checked around for any obvious vacuum leaks and things like that but
> looked normal. I then shut it off and refired it and it ran fine.
>  Anyone have any ideas what might cause this?

No, but the same thing happened to our '90 90Q20V about 3 years ago.

We stopped to get gas, all was well. We pulled out, and about a
mile or two later, the same thing happened. We pulled over, and
were thinking about whether we could make it the 4 miles back home.
We were thinking bad gas.

But when we restarted it, it ran perfectly and has ever since.
Not a clue to this day. I assume some random one-shot electrical
glitch that messed things up and reset with the key.


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