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RE: ETKA install problem

What OS are you installing on? My guess is NT4. If on NT4, try the
following, plagiarized from a post from Hans-Juergen Schneider:

>Some infos I got from a friend of a friend...
>To make etka work with NT4.0 and to get the price infos working:
>copy lexhdl5.dll from the cdrom directory et_prog.w95\ to the
>directory et_prog\ where your installed the program.
>Rename price.sav in directory et_root\ to price.d if you work with
>the german language. Edit the etka*.ini files section: sonstiges
>komma=1 awst=1

This worked for me on NT4. Now I have the problem of a laptop with maximum
screen resolution of 1024x768. ETKA requires 1280x1024. Non-configurable.
Now I need to find a screen driver for my NEC Versa SX that allows for a
virtual desktop and panning.

-Ian Duff.
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Hi all,

Can anyone shed any light on how to get round a problem I am having with
installing etka, I am coming up with the hardlock not being installed and
being told to install it from the cd rom. Problem is I have downloaded
from the net and don't have the cd rom. Can someone please give me some
advice on to get this thing sussed? Is it really worth having?