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Re: Turbo Use

if you haven't chipped it, then he can't have overrevved it - rev limiter would
stop him.  was engine water or oil temp extremely high when you got in the car?
wonder if the ECU recognized some danger condition like that or excessive knock,
and cut the boost and dropped back to 'limp home' mode for a while.

Fullback6@aol.com wrote:

> Yesterday I let my friend drive my Audi, Big mistake.  He revved the engine
> up to7000 rpm and you could smell the burnt clutch after he drove.  After
> that, when i drove it right after him, the car was accelerating weird and the
> turbo didn't seem to be working. I let the engine sit in neutral for about 7
> minutes after the drive was finished, in order to let the turbo cool down.
> Does anyone know why the turbo acted so sporradically after his driving, and
> how long the turbo should cool down for?
> Jonathan Bowman
> 98 A4 1.8t q



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