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Re: ETKA on ftp. Go get it!

Hey anyone - I am a newby here to the list - I successfully downloaded, then
tried opening "ETKA5.arj" using two different decompression utilities that
are supposedly capable of handling this file type, and each of them
extracted "ETKA5.zip", but then I could not get anything out of THAT file
using Winzip. It shows as a 4.76 Mb file, but there is no content. Can
anyone offer some advice? I am reluctant to download the really BIG file if
I can't get it open. I am using Win 98.

Maybe some kind soul with a webpage could supply the rest of us with a copy
(in an easier file format such as .zip) of this small file, as well as some
pointers for getting the ETKA program to function.... please? The more
instructions the better, as far as I am concerned;(

Thanks for any help.

John Davies

use to be 88 Mazda 323 GTX 4wd Turbo
wanna be 99 A4 Quattro 1.8T

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Subject: Re: ETKA on ftp. Go get it!

> > All of ETKA on  FTP:
> > port 21, entrance is anonymous - default for everything.
> >
> > File list:
> >
> > All of ETKA in the ETKA_ALL.zip
> >
> > For those who have trouble downloading all 20 Mb:
> > ETKA5.arj - multi volume, 5Mb each - includes sub directories E, NOTES,
> > ET_PROG.W95, ET_ROOT and files ETKSETUP.EXE and HARDLOCK.EXE - enough to
> > install ETKA under WIN95 (only the english language version is installed
> > - complete!!! not a CD version)