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Re: An M3 ate my Q, but I took a bite first

One rainy day, it was just after school, and one of my good pals pulled up next
to my 1990 CQ, stock (tires: dunlop A2 D60? I think...), in his 1996 M3, highly
modified body, but still raod tires (not racing tires). It was rather fun sitting
at the stop light as he revved his engine at me.  Well, I revved back in
anticipation of the light turning green. When it did, I dropped the clutch, as he
did, and I went forward, as he sat there spinning his wheels...Suckers who buy 2
wheel drive vehicles.... I like Quattro :)  Once he got some traction, he blew my
doors off, of course I stopped at the limit, 35, in first, while he continued
shifting well past 60 mph. I didn't care if he had more HP than me, I just felt
good that I had better traction.

Paul Burgess
1990 Coupe Quattro