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Re: An M3 ate my Q

Michael Williams wrote:

> You just contradicted yourself right here.  First you say that it will
> give better performance and then admit that it is more because you like
> the ability to drive at lower RPM with more torque, therefore it is a
> performance compromise for more low end torque.

But in the situation we are discussing (the impromptu drag v. M3), the 5ktq
was just cruising when he heard the M3 and decided to put the pedal down.
If he had a K26,the M3 would of probably been a few car lengths ahead
before the car even _started_
to get on the boost ... :)  My point was that the top end compromise with a
K24 at the
power levels I was discussing is minor, and that if the only difference to
the 5ktq in
question was a standard K26, the M3 would of still walked away even after
the q was in the boost.

> My solution with my engine is to simply keep the revs at at least
> 3k....then i alwasy have power...no matter what...

I suspect turbo lag on your Ur-Q w/ MC is somewhat less of an issue that on

a 5ktq because of lighter weight.  Particularly if you have 4.11's from a
and/or the 2Bennet downpipe... they did put the MC in your car for you,