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Re: An M3 ate my Q

At 01:22 PM 6/12/99 -0700, Ken Keith wrote:
>I once had an uncomfortable confrontation of sorts when stopped behind 
>another car at a light.  The car in front of me put his backup lights on,
and I 
>thought he was going to back into me.  I flashed my brights to let him
know I 
>was there.  The guy open his door, leaned out and started saying some 
>antagonizing-type things.  He turned out to be a hardcore-looking gang 
>member type individual.  He continued the tirade and challenge to me as we 
>left the intersection, staying alongside my car while yelling out the
>My answer to your question, is:
>Well, if you have a concealed carry permit, or are carrying openly, 
>you're certainly less of a sitting duck.  The goal would of course be to
>leave the area, but if you are unable to, you can defend yourself.
>But if you're one of those that think the police will save you, and 
>only cops and criminals should be able to possess evil firearms, 
>then you might be able to call 911 on your cellphone if you have 
>one, or maybe send up a flare or something.
>Becoming a student of some martial art, perhaps?  But even that 
>will only carry you so far.



This brings to mind a scene from one of the Indiana Jones movies.  :-)
Remember the scene where Jones is being threatened by a sword wielding man?

So you fight crime, huh?  You shoot back?  Me too.

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