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I caught the SOB

Today, on my home from work, I caught my odometer trying to fail on me.
Couldn't have gone more than a mile or two with it not turning. I have been
watching it closely, monitoring fuel mileage.
The last two digits up top were 09. It just didn't want to go to 10.

I drove a bit pondering another odometer repair. Did one other (about 20
times 'till I got it right). Want to avoid the mistakes of the past,
carefully observe needle removal not to skew proper speed display and then
an idea came to mind.

Slam the dash - so I did & guess what. Fixed it. Bet that's how they break.
Get jammed, spinning shaft eventually loses stationary gear after miles &
miles of futile motion.

Hope it continues to work for many miles. BTW, the exact mileage at
attempted failure was 126,709

HTH Someone,