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Re: 20V 5cyl Audi Motor replaces a 944 engine?

Amen to that!  I thought Audis were tough....the Porsches are MUCH harder
and everything seems so inaccessable.  And this is a 944 I am talking about.
The 911's....FORGET IT!  Practically have to pull the motor out of the car
to change the plugs!!!!!


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Subject: Re: 20V 5cyl Audi Motor replaces a 944 engine?

>Part of the fun for me with getting a 944TS would be that I would NEVER do
>any underhood work on the car.  I know the Audis well enough that I feel
>guilty when I don't have the time (never have any time) to fix it myself!
>No guilt with the Porsche.
>At 07:13 AM 6/15/99 -0400, Jon Linkov wrote:
>>I have a friend with a N/A 944. Says the belts are a pain. Some crazy
>>set up for the 944.
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>>Subject: Re: 20V 5cyl Audi Motor replaces a 944 engine?
>>>At 10:57 PM 6/14/99 -0700, John Karasaki wrote:
>>>>At 10:25 PM 6/14/99 EDT, AudiQtroCp@aol.com wrote:
>>>>>         And this is exactly why I just bought a 944 turbo, every
>>>>>this car is a better platform to work off of.   There are some very
>>>>>reasonable 944T's out ther eif you aren't in a hurry to find one.  My
>>>>>mechanic got one with 90k Miles for $4500...  Paid $6000 for mine and
>>>>>every penny...
>>>>That's the same reason our seach has begun for a 944 turbo 'S'/ 1989 951
>>>>turbo, too!
>>>i don't know about the turbo, but i knew some who had a 16 valve 944 and
>>>the scheduled maintenance was a major ass chapper...
>Best Regards,
>John Karasaki