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Re: Euro lights question.

> > I'm tired of waiting for these stupid connectors, so I'm going to try
> > and find them from another source. Does anybody have any
> > recommendations? What exactly am I looking/asking for.
> >
> I didn't know that there were any kind of standard connectors.  They gotta
> be out there somewhere, since motorcycles use H4 bulbs, but I couldn't
> find them (nor did I really try that hard).

Go to any auto parts store, they should have the three pin socket for
sealed beam Hi/Lo headlights, with a short wire pigtail on them.  these
will fit your H4, just cut the old 9004 connector off and do a nice
splice once you figure out which tab is hi, lo, and ground...

anyway, you should be installing relays for the ehadlights about now
too.  trigger the relays off the old connector, switched power from them
goes to the new socket, etc. etc...

Huw Powell

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82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT