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Re: 944/951

Michael Williams writes:
> Phil Payne decided to speak these words:
> >> It's time for some serious badge reengineering.  4-cylinder Porches were
> >> manufactured under contract by Audi, which in turn is a mere subsidiary of
> >> VAG to begin with...
> >
> >Almost, but not quite.  Audi Aktiengesellschaft is majority owned by
> >Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft.  Not, however, 100%.
> I would say this is more true of the 924 (early one) instead of the 944.  
> The 944 is all porsche....

"All Porsche" are pretty strong words and not quite accurate either.
The 924 *and* 944 were both manufactured by Audi for Porsche.  It wasn't
until the transition to the 968 did Porsche take back the production
to its own facilities.  Despite the all-Porsche engine in the 944/968,
there are still a lot of Audi and VW pieces in all three models.

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