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part #s

I thought I would post this to the list for info purposes. I recently
had a hot start problem on th urQ and since it passed all the requisite
pressure tests I was looking at the pressure regulator on the FD as a
possible cause. The "o" ring on the end of the plunger wasn't looking
very good so I decided to replace it. This "o" ring is actually flat on
the sides rather than circular in section. One of the few parts for the
FD that can be purchased from Audi is a kit containing all the seals and
rings for the control valve. The part # for the kit is 035-198-691 
(Bosch # 3 437-010-046). It's listed as being for the K-jetronic system
but the rings are the same. The # for the Flachdichtring (flat seal
ring) is 2 916 710 607.This is the ring that goes on the end of the
plunger.The starting problem I encountered occoured after the car was
stopped for at least 2+ hours. So far so good!

Another # is for the rubber plug that goes in the adjustment hole 
in the top of the air flow meter. A small rubber plug with a wire 
"handle" that is reusable. The # is Porsche # 2 432 391 002. Handy for
keeping grit out of the hex,so the wrench fits snugly.