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Re: ETKA 5 on NT 4.0 Workstation...

Darin and Dan, 
shouldn't these be placed in the www.audi-S-cars.com and the
www.audifans.com respective FAQs?

Jimmy Pribble wrote:
> Help!  I can't seem to get ETKA to run on my NT box.  I keep getting the
> "Hardlock not present!" message, though I ran the hardlock.exe program as
> suggested.  I downloaded etka_all, so I should have everything I need.  I
> just need some instruction and I can't read the German help files.  Do I
> need to do something in the Et_prog.nt4 folder?  I bet I do.

Here's what you need to do to run ETKA on an NT workstation:
1. Install ETKA on your hard drive [C:\ -?]
2. Copy the LEXHDL5.DLL from the directory et_prog.w95 on the
installation CD [D:\ -?] into the et_prog directory on your hard drive
[C:\ -?]. It will overwrite the existing LEXHDL5.DLL.

In order to see prices:
1. Find the file PREIS.SAV in the directory et_root on your [C:\ -?].
2. Change its extension to .E for English or .D for German.
3. The first price is the actual one, the second one is with the 14.5%
VAT factored in. For us in the States it is pretty much irrelevant coz
we are not subject to VAT on our import orders. We still have to pay the
customs brokerage fees, tho, but IME the UPS handles this chore just

In order to see the full ETKA screen:
1. Switch your video card resolution to 1280x1024 if you can.
2. If your video card does not support the above resolution - download
one of the "virtual desktop" or "multiple desktop" programs floating
around as shareware.

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros.