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KE-Jet or Motronic?

Well there is no fuel rail, not motronic then.  There is a distributor
unit for the fuel delivery.  It's intresting to see that the Intro Manual
for the 80 for certified Audi mechanics is providing false info.  Kinda
funny.  It has to be KE-Jet because by the parts I see it don't add up to
Motronic.  I checked what a real Motronic system looks like by checking
the 200q20v engine.  Very different looking fuel system, each injector has
a wiring clip, one fuel line running to the engine...  Mine has four
seperate injectors w/ their own lines.  BUT as I look at the pictures in
the book, which states that it is CIS-Motronic, there are four delivery
lines going to the manifold in the pics.  Maybe it was a fledgling
Motronic system.  It states it has adaptive capabilities.  Well to check
if it's CIS-E III I can take off the passenger's kick panel and look for
the ignition unit.  It's got to be KE-Jet then.  Anyone have a Bentley for
the 80/90 Coupe Q that would want to check up on what it says, please?

Thanks again.

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