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Re: KE-Jet or Motronic?

A v G wrote:
> Well there is no fuel rail, not motronic then.  There is a distributor
> unit for the fuel delivery.  It's intresting to see that the Intro Manual
> for the 80 for certified Audi mechanics is providing false info.  Kinda
> funny.  It has to be KE-Jet because by the parts I see it don't add up to
> Motronic.  I checked what a real Motronic system looks like by checking
> the 200q20v engine.  Very different looking fuel system, each injector has
> a wiring clip, one fuel line running to the engine...  Mine has four
> seperate injectors w/ their own lines.  BUT as I look at the pictures in
> the book, which states that it is CIS-Motronic, there are four delivery
> lines going to the manifold in the pics.  Maybe it was a fledgling
> Motronic system.  It states it has adaptive capabilities.  Well to check
> if it's CIS-E III I can take off the passenger's kick panel and look for
> the ignition unit.  It's got to be KE-Jet then.  Anyone have a Bentley for
> the 80/90 Coupe Q that would want to check up on what it says, please?
> Thanks again.
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Probably KE Jetronic with Motronic mapped IGNITION advance curve.