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Re: Motronic or KE-Jet? A new (but long) twist

In message <fe4c5d1.249f495b@aol.com> BRIT4VWS@aol.com writes:

>> Curiously, the system used in the Audi 5000 turbos and UrQ is
>> "K-Jetronic" even though it had all the characterics of a "Motronic"
>> system (fuel, spark and boost all managed by one digital ECU).  This
>> is probably because these Audi systems used Hitachi ECUs instead of Bosch.


It's a good summary, but it's US-centric.  Although we had the same
terminology in the UK, almost no engines had OXS-sensor controls until
1990.  Our original ur-quattro (no, it's not tautology) had no fuel
control in the ECU - there are no electrically controlled components
in the fuel system at all.  The later MB version (like mine) has
a fuel frequency valve but still no OXS sensor - it "flies blind" using
tables and calculations based on rpm, air temperature and boost.  The
last ur-quattros use Motronic 2.4.1 EFI with an OXS sensor.

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