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1990 CQ - smell of gas, hesitation, DC area mechanic


Having recently relocated to the US, I'm looking for suggestions on a
good mechanic in the Herndon, VA area - and/or a source for parts.

The dealership in Tyson's Corners was...different...

In other news, I'm finding that my car (1990 CQ) is giving off a powerful
smell of gas after sitting for a day or more, and is also showing
extremely irregular performance (if it weren't for the lack of leaking
gas, I'd think that the gas line was punctured), in terms of sudden
flats and sharps to the power curve (in all gears, but not as markedly
when under strong acceleration)

Hints and suggestions would be most welcome!

She's been recalcitrant for a while, on-and-off, but the problem's been
getting noticably worse.

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