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TYP89 80 RS2 Conversion

European 80 model designation: TYP81-US 4000  TYP89-US 80  B4-US 90.
My comments concerning RS2 conversion apply to TYP89 80 series Audis.  RS2
conversion for proper fitment and finish requires:
1. RS2 Bumper
2. RS2 Lights
3. US 90 Fenders
4. US 90/Cabrio Hood
5. RS2 Underlight body trim
6. US 90 Front suspension: control arms(may use S2 forged ones), ball
   			   joints, struts...
7. US 90 Cross Member
8. Small nuts 'n' bolts for conversion

The reason for the 90 fenders is that the RS2 bumper, the real RS2 bumper
cover(not a copy), will not properly blend into the TYP89 wheel arches.
It requires a mild amount of sawing.  If one gets an RS2 bumper and uses
90 fenders on a TYP89 80 the wheel will not sit in the center of the wheel
arches.  The TYP89 80 suspension is mildly different from the B4 90
suspension.  That is why a TYP89 80 can only handle 16" rims without wheel
arch mods, a B4 90 can handle much bigger rims with much wider tires.
This is because the fenders and suspension are different.  The B4 90
wheelbase is longer because of the suspension difference.  The 80 RS2 1.8t
man, Oliver Sprenger(www.audi80.com), has showed me pics from when he had
RS2 Bumper, 90 B4 fenders, and a TYP89 suspension.  The wheels do not sit
centered at all.  Now he has servotronic S2 front suspension and the
wheels line right up.  S2 control arms are forged metal, not stamped, but
same design as US B4 90 models.  This is truth, not a myth, I have studied
this much along with Oliver Sprenger.  I have discussed RS2 Bumper with
TYP89 fenders, no good.  It doesn't look right.  B4 suspension is slightly
different, but not by much.  Any questions ask away.  Anything I wrote
before was a little badly written, I was outta my mind at the time, sorry
any confusions.

Thanks again!

BTW: AvG is my initials: Alexander van Gerbig.
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