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Re: Ordered my S4 & Looking for "real" S4bt pics...

>From all of us who cannot afford a new S4.

Congratulations, you %$^**%$#!!

Just kidding.

Enjoy it!

At 2:02 PM -0000 6/23/99, Avram Dorfman wrote:
>Does anybody out there have any jpegs of an S4 biturbo in Santorin Blue,
>with Silver leather?
>If you'll email them to me, I'll put them on a web site for others who are
>interested on the list to see.
>It's official - I cancelled my A4 2.8qs order, and ordered an S4 bt in
>Santorin Blue w/ Silver leather. For those who care, I'm getting the 6 speed
>of course, with the Bose, the 6-CD, the convenience pkg, the cold weather
>pkg, and the navigation computer.
>I was really iffy on the last one, but a guy at Audi USA told me what it's
>like to use, and it sounds really slick. There is no screen, and there are
>no visible maps. It just gives you a readout of what's to come on the trip
>computer display, and  it talks to you & tells you when a turn is coming up.
>The points that sold me were that last one, plus the fact that according to
>the Audi guy, it augments GPS w/ data from the ABS sensors to get an
>location accuracy of close to 1 meter, and if you miss a turn, it
>recalculates your route immediately and gets you back on track. He made an
>interesting point - the cars w/ a map display cause you to spend more time
>looking at your console than the road, enough so that it becomes dangerous.
>I'm told my car will be here in September. I'll believe it when I see it 8-)