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Re: Shogun pump wiring

> I have the relay in front of me and just want to check with you on what goes
> where!
> So. There are TWO power wires from what I can tell (why two???)...  One
> brown ground.

One wire (the larger) goes to S15 (I think - its a 25a fuse in the back). The
other goes to the thermoswitch.

> Now, I figure I run power from wiring harness (went to orig pump...which one
> I don't know, but one of the red ones) to the #85 pin.  Then from the #86
> pin to the positive terminal of the new pump.  Correct me if I'm wrong.

Can't remember the numbers, but power (+12V) to the relay will go from old power
lead to relay, back to the old ground (brown) lead. That powers the relay same
as the thermoswitch. Additionally, run power (+12V) from old power to the pump.
The ground wire is what switches. Through the relay contacts, run the pump black
wire to the contact, and from the other contact to ground. Make sure you have
the normally open contacts. If you want to fuse it, fuse the ground wire.

> Now left to the ground.
> Pin #87 to pump ground wire, and #30 to negative (brown) wire from original
> wiring harness (for original pump).  Is this correct?
> Do I put the fuse (10A) from the positive lead to the relay, or from the pos
> lead running from the realy to the pump???
> I may have this totally ass backwards, but this doesn't look that complex.
> Once I get what goes to what pin, it should be an easy install.
> BTW, I've decided to mount my pump vertially in the engine bay.  The guide
> says you can do this and it looks like it will line up the hoses perfectly.
> Any help or advice appreciated!
> Later,
> Dan