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Re: run the numbers!

> >So in 48 months, I've saved 3 (hours per month) times 48 (months)
> >times $170 (savings per hour) by doing my own work: $24,480. Do you have
> any
> >idea how many cans of waterless hand cleaner you can buy for $25,000????
> >Hard to argue with those numbers!
> If you add insurance, sales tax, excise tax and non-warranty repairs and
> the mandatory dealer maintenance of a new car, it's a definite
> no-brainer.  Costs less to keep a 44 type in Pento$in, door handles and
> AC programmers per year than the insurance cost of a new/newer car.

So yesterday this guy pulls in to have me fix his old Genesis speakers. 
I get all disoriented when a pristine 88 5k turns out to be his ride. 
"Everything works" he proudly proclaims!  So we fix his speakers in 15
minutes and talk Audi for two hours...

He points out that the savings in *insurance alone* has paid completely
for his car.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT