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RE: Search for BEST anti-radar


the v1, no question.  mine is on order.  be aware however, that local
conditions might dictate the requireents for changes to the "setup" of the
v1.  the v1's sold locally here in godzone are specially modified for local
conditions (i.e. police radar frequencies).  (cheaper) ones that are
imported direct do no have these modifications and so do no work as well.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q
'88 mb 2.3-16

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Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 20:43:17 +0200
From: "Pantelis Giamarellos" <pantg@otenet.gr>
Subject: Search for BEST anti-radar

I want to give him an anti-radar as a present and after reading all the
things we are writing from time to time I would like to buy him a VALENTINE

Can anyone assist with the internet site address of VALENTINE or how I can
order it from here in Greece?
Greek Highway patrol is using american radiobands detectors and radars so
the american made anti-radars are needed.