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Re: 89 200 TQ Advice Needed - and hurry!

> Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 07:26:05 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Gavin Gray <gavin_gray@yahoo.com>

> As the former owner of a 4ks and 100, I've been
> lurking and learning on the list for months
now. > I'm considering purchasing an 89 200TQ
> 75,000 miles - and the asking price is only >

Are you looking at a privately-owned, or a
dealership car? The price is good for the miles,
has it been maintained well? Should have had a
timing chain by now, and make sure to check out
the hydraulic system... pump, bomb, etc.

> 1.) The car's pearl white paint is immaculate -
> to the point that I'm concerned it's been >
repainted.  If it has, it was a high $$,
> professional job.

If so, don't worry about it! The pearl paint on
this car was not only an extra cost option, some
insurance companies charged a higher premium due
to the difficulty of matching the paint without
re-shooting the whole car.


> THE PROBLEM?  No airbag... All info I've seen >
says the 1989 200's had driver SRS, and the rest
> of the range got SRS in 1990.  This car has no
> airbag - does that mean that it was hit, and >
replaced with a non SRS wheel, or did early 
> build cars not have SRS.  I neglected to get
the > build date info when I looked at the car.

Only the later production models of the '89 200's
had the driver's side airbag. I bought mine new
in '89, and saw both versions on the dealer's

> 2.)  Under hard acceleration, I only saw 1.2
> boost on the computer display.  Should be 1.8
or > so, right?  No other problems with engine -
ran > smooth, quiet, etc.  What is the likely
problem > of this low boost.

Could be the seals in the turbo. Did you notice a
puff of blue smoke on start-up? This will usually
only happen when the car is cold, however, so if
it had been run before you looked at it you
wouldn't likely see it.


- Jim
'89 200TQ
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