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RE: 200 TQ Questions

Gavin Gray wrote:

>1.)  The AC does not work, but the Climate Control system seems to work
>fine.  PO says that it worked last summer, but perhaps has a leak in
>the system.  Any checks I can do to see if compressor works/Climate
>Control has a problem?  It very well just could be a leak in the
>system, but wondering if there are any checks I can do before spending
>$$ on AC pressure tests, etc.

Under the black plastic covering by the cowl on the passenger side under the
hood, there is a gray canister which is the A/C receiver/dryer/accumulator.
Sticking out the side, is the low pressure sensor which has 2 wires running
to it.  Remove the 2 wires from the sensor and jumper (connect) them while
the A/C system is in "Auto" and the desired temperature is set all the way
down to "LO" and the engine is running.  When you connect the 2 wires, the
A/C clutch should engage.  You should hear it click on and see it now
spinning with the A/C compressor pulley.

This will test the A/C compressor clutch.  If the A/C system is low on
refrigerant, that low pressure sensor/switch opens preventing the compressor
clutch from engaging when the system calls for cooling.  By jumpering the
switch, you are bypassing this feature.  If the clutch on the A/C compressor
does not engage when you do this, you have a more serious problem.  This is
the "quickie" test.

>3.) The car displays classic "bomb" symptoms (I think).  When first
>started, the "BRAKE" light flashes on for a brief second when the pedal
>is pushed.  After running for a while, that symptom disappears.  Is
>this, in fact, the "bomb", or other problem.  Pedal pressure is good,
>and brakes are strong.

Sounds like the "bomb" to me.  Is it the original?  At 10 years and 75K
miles, it has reached the end of its expected life.  There is a test for
this also.  After the car has been idling for a few minutes, shut it off,
and put the ignition switch in the "On" position.  Pump the brake pedal and
count the number of pumps you get before the "BRAKE" light goes on.  You
would get ~30 with a new bomb, 10-15 is probably acceptable.

The brakes will work fine with a bad bomb until you need to do a panic stop
one day.  After that experience, the bomb will be the second thing you
immediately change.  Your underwear will be the first.  Not a difficult job
to replace.  The part is around $200 discounted.