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Re: 89 200 TQ Advice Needed - and hurry!

Thanks for everyones advice on this car!  I'm attempting to make an
offer to the owner this afternoon/evening.

The current owner indicates that he and his brother have done most
service.  As soon as I get VIN, I'll check w/Audi to see what has been
done at the dealer.

Owner says that he replaced timing belt at 65k (car now has 73k+ on
it).  While I don't distrust this guy, how can I check for sure that
this has been done?  He says he and his brother did it, so no service
receipts.  Is it easy to tell by looking?

Owner has also replaced PS pump himself - and it does look new.  The
only things wrong w/car that I can tell are:

-Multifunction switch/sender
-AC not working (Owner says it did last summer - thanks for everyones
tips on what to check - CC computer works fine)
- Left rear power window not working from either switch
- Cannot disable factory alarm from drivers door (assume wire has come
lose from back of switch) - driver door does unlock car, and alarm can
be disabled by unlocking from passenger side.
- possible bad bomb

Looks like for around $5,900, not a bad deal, huh?  I'll keep everyone

Thanks again!

--- Jim Calore <jcalore@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 07:26:05 -0700 (PDT)
> > From: Gavin Gray <gavin_gray@yahoo.com>
> > As the former owner of a 4ks and 100, I've been
> > lurking and learning on the list for months
> now. > I'm considering purchasing an 89 200TQ
> w/only
> > 75,000 miles - and the asking price is only >
> $5,900!
> Are you looking at a privately-owned, or a
> dealership car? The price is good for the miles,
> has it been maintained well? Should have had a
> timing chain by now, and make sure to check out
> the hydraulic system... pump, bomb, etc.
> > 1.) The car's pearl white paint is immaculate -
> > to the point that I'm concerned it's been >
> repainted.  If it has, it was a high $$,
> > professional job.
> If so, don't worry about it! The pearl paint on
> this car was not only an extra cost option, some
> insurance companies charged a higher premium due
> to the difficulty of matching the paint without
> re-shooting the whole car.
> <SNIP>
> > THE PROBLEM?  No airbag... All info I've seen >
> says the 1989 200's had driver SRS, and the rest
> > of the range got SRS in 1990.  This car has no
> > airbag - does that mean that it was hit, and >
> replaced with a non SRS wheel, or did early 
> > build cars not have SRS.  I neglected to get
> the > build date info when I looked at the car.
> Only the later production models of the '89 200's
> had the driver's side airbag. I bought mine new
> in '89, and saw both versions on the dealer's
> lots.
> > 2.)  Under hard acceleration, I only saw 1.2
> bar
> > boost on the computer display.  Should be 1.8
> or > so, right?  No other problems with engine -
> ran > smooth, quiet, etc.  What is the likely
> problem > of this low boost.
> Could be the seals in the turbo. Did you notice a
> puff of blue smoke on start-up? This will usually
> only happen when the car is cold, however, so if
> it had been run before you looked at it you
> wouldn't likely see it.
> - Jim
> '89 200TQ
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