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Re: 89 200 TQ Advice Needed - and hurry!

Gavin Gray wrote:

> Owner says that he replaced timing belt at 65k (car now has 73k+ on
> it).  While I don't distrust this guy, how can I check for sure that
> this has been done?  He says he and his brother did it, so no service
> receipts.  Is it easy to tell by looking?

Nope, after 8kmi you won't, unless you pull it off the cam pulley, twist
inside out and look for the presence of cracks in the belt material
in-between the teeth.
I wouldn't distrust the guy  - to do the belt on a type-44 is a piece of
cake. Last time it took me 40 min flat on my '89 200TQ.

> Owner has also replaced PS pump himself - and it does look new.

Also very easy to do - maybe 15-20 min. These cars are _very_ user

> -Multifunction switch/sender

60 bux or so. Easily accessible. No need to drain the coolant if you
have quick fingers.

> - Left rear power window not working from either switch

Worst case - $125 for the new motor assy, but I doubt that it's
completely dead.

> - Cannot disable factory alarm from drivers door (assume wire has come
> lose from back of switch) - driver door does unlock car, and alarm can
> be disabled by unlocking from passenger side.

You assumption is correct. Or perhaps the wiring is broken inside the
corrugated rubber boot that houses the harness between the door and the
A-pillar. This is a very typical type-44 problem.

> - possible bad bomb

Use _only_ the 200-specific bomb, even if somebody tells you that the
cheaper 5000 unit would fit! It would, but the banjos will leak coz the
200 uses the Viton O-rings instead of the 5000 Cu washers hence the 200
unit has the somewahat larger dia machined mating surfaces. Visible
difference between the bombs - the square crossection of the tail end of
the 200 unit. It has a suffix "H" in the p/n.
> Looks like for around $5,900, not a bad deal, huh?

Are you kidding! Good luck with it.

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros.