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Re: Wheels for 4CSQ

In a message dated 7/1/99 8:52:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time, tjbst39+@pitt.edu 

<< Beware of those Motoring Exponent wheels.  I got them for my '86 4kq from 
 Discount Tire Direct with 205/50 R15 tires and the rear tires rubbed!  If 
 you do get these wheels, make sure you get 195 tires.  The 205's are too 
 wide, and will rub the fender well.   I wanted to keep 205's on the car so 
 I called and complained, and they sent me a set of wheels that fit.  The 
 wheels are the MiM Vento.  They are very nice wheels, and because they are 
 15x6.5 wheels instead of 15x7's they fit perfectly.  Just my .02
 Tom B. >>

	Actually, I do already have the wheel on the car w/ 195s.  I know 
they will fit on the quattro with 205s if you remove the inside fender lip, 
which is huge and sticks out in to the fender well about 3/4".  205s would 
not fit on my coupe because of the torsion beam rear axle.