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Re: One invincible A8 and a cool driver.

>You generaly get what you pay for...."Domestics" (recently found out >my 
>friends new Mitsu Galant V6 is made in Normal Ill!) are generally >less 
>expensive than imports.

"Domestic" Hondas, VWs, Mitsus, etc. required us to re-engineer to meet 
their quality standards on products we'd been selling to the big3 for 
decades.  That actually brought quality up for the big3, suppliers tightened 
up their machines & processes.  we got a big wakeup when Honda sent back an 
entire train load of windshields because the stamp in the corner was 
slightly crooked and inconsistent.  That's how I want my car built, 
obsessively.  Chrysler routinely buys lots rejected by other makers, like 
rear-view mirror assemblys.  Just blemishes or tolerance things, but 
sometimes worse.  That's why they're cheaper.

My '90 Eclipse GSX from Normal was a great machine, it's still in town and 
running fine.  I've camped with the head of Mitsu America product planning, 
an auto enthusiast who trashed new cars & trucks with my brother, former 
head of Lexus product planning.  They both obsess over cars the way we do on 
the list.  When they worked in Detroit they were both hamstrung and 
frustrated by the bloated bureaucracy that resisted improvement.  Lots of 
good people there are frustrated, my bro didn't think GM would last a decade 
when he left, but Americans keep buying their stuff.  Their products 
overseas seem to be much better quality.

'90 200tqw

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