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Re: Wastegate diagnosis

Phil said:
>I have found it better to use a MityVac on the upper chamber connection
>_before_ stripping the wastegate - in fact, I don't go in unless the
>test fails.
>Has anyone tried a simpler method?  I'm thinking that a simple water
>manometer could be used - drop a foot of water or so into the hanging
>loop of a polythene tube and hold it just below the level of the
>Four feet of
>polythene tubing is a damn site cheaper and a damn sight more portable
>than a MityVac.

I am not sure what a MityVac is, so I am not sure the cost differential
between the polythene (?) tubing and the MityVac.  I use a $30 hand vacuum
pump with gauge and release valve, made for this sort of purpose by Sun.  It
will pull and hold a very good vacuum.  I've used it in the past to not only
diagnose vacuum actuated servos, I've managed to unstick EGR valves with it.

The vacuum pump came with a vacuum brake bleeding attachment (ok, a too
small sealable pot with two ports for hoses and an elbow that fits poorly
over a bleed nipple).

For $30 it is cheap enough for me, and more convenient than the tubing idea
in the engine compartment :-)


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'88 5kcstq