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NHTSA rules change (LONG)

	The following is a an exerpt from a trade publication I receive.

"Congress made a little boo-boo by leaving a couple of words out of the
1988 NHTSA Reauthorization Bill. It seems they left out the description
of "show or display" cars when saying what vehicles did not have to
comply with federal emissions standards when they were brought into this
country. They blamed the error on a clerical mistake,but the effect was
that they made it illegal to bring vehicles into this country that were
going to be modified to meet the standards,so called "grey market" cars.
In a classic Catch-22,someone wanting to import a car not offered for
sale by it's manufacturer in the States could have it legally modified
to meet standards,but they could not bring it this country untill it
had been modified. So, how to have it meet the standards without having
it in the US,became an impossible problem for the past 10 years.

	NHSTA says they will have new regulations in the NEAR future
so that people can AGAIN bring non-complying vehicles into the US.
(Only in government does it take 10 years to correct a clerical

IMPORT AUTOMOTIVE Parts & Accessories, volume 19, #7.