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Re: Advice Needed on Recently Totalled Audi S6

In a message dated 7/1/99 11:37:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time, MrGondo@aol.com 

>  I believe I obsessed so much and spent so much time on this car that 
>  both God and the Audi Gods decided to teach me an important lesson about 
> life 
>  today......Wes

Very true sentiments; however, one of the main reasons I drive my big 200q20v 
is the various testiments on list, by the factory, by NHTSA, etc. on just how 
safe these cars really are.  You could have been there in _any_ kind of 
vehicle, from motorcycle to tank; you were essentially parked, and had no 
options.  Thing is, you were smart enough to drive a safe car, and it payed 
That said, yup, its just a car; very pleased that you were not seriously 
injured; that's all that matters.  Get back on that horse (err... s-car...).