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RE: Advice Needed on Recently Totalled Audi S6

Glad to here you are all safe!  Yes, we all mourn the loss of an S-car, but
humans are much more important.  I'm just grateful God protected you as you
learned an important lesson about life.

Samuel W. Clough
INVESCO Retirement Plan Services

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> Robert:
> The one thing I learned today, is that a car can easily be replaced, even
> an 
> Audi S Car. It's a helluva lot harder to replace a human being and for
> that I 
> am grateful that I was not seriously injured. God has this funny way of 
> re-prioritizing what is most important to you in the blink of an eyelash
> (or 
> the stab of a brake pedal) and reminds me that we are mere mortals on this
> earth. I believe I obsessed so much and spent so much time on this car
> that 
> both God and the Audi Gods decided to teach me an important lesson about
> life 
> today......Wes