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Re: 5ktq startup smoke puff...

I had similiar problem with my '86 5TQW about month ago.  I also recieved
input from the list ( thanks everyone ) about possible causes of the puff of
smoke.  They included turbo seals or valve seals.  Mine turned out to be the
valve seals.  It seems this is much more common as the turbo itself is quite
durable.  Although for $100 worth of bearings and seals it might be worth
doing it anyway.  Lots of labor I suppose.

Colin Hames
'86 5TQW
'98 Passat 1.8t

Bruno Walter wrote:

> I've got the puff of smoke on startup symptom on my 86 5k CD TQ, and
> from what I've heard on the list, this usually means the turbo seals are
> worn.
> I checked the turbo shaft, and there might be a tiny bit of play, but
> not much.
> Someone outside of the list also mentioned this could be due to leaky
> injectors.  I'm wondering if this is true?  I only get a puff of smoke
> if the car has been sitting between 1.5-8 hours.  This would make sense
> that it might take a while for the injectors to leak down, and the fuel
> would evaporate with time.
> I can get a set of seals and bearings for the turbo for $140 CND, and
> the injectors are around $110 CND each, so I guess all I really want is
> some reassurance that it's the turbo.
> If it is the turbo, how much work is it to replace the seals.  It sure
> looks like it could be some good fun pulling the turbo, as all the bolts
> are nice and rusty, especially the water and oil lines.