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Re: Stongard group purchase

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From: Ken Keith <auditude@neta.com>
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Date: Friday, July 02, 1999 11:20 AM
Subject: Re: Stongard group purchase

>I don't equate eurolites to increased wattage or heat generation.  I
>equate eurolites to better light distribution and focus.
>You could probably cause the same problems by putting high
>wattage bulbs in a DOT headlamp, couldn't you?

Nope!  Only with euro-lights.  If you have the DOT lights, need not worry.
The euro-lights do produce more heat, which is fine....but somehow it can
escape through the glass.  Not sure on the reason, but I think that by
putting a layer plastic over the glass lense, you somehow detract from the
natural heat dispursion of the desighn.... a lot of heat builds up in the
lights and when surrounded by cold air in the winter....wala....It cracks!

I don't THINK high wattage bulbs in the DOT lights are a problem, but not
sure.  Again, use at your own risk.

Seen it happen many times.  Use at your own risk, milage may vary, etc....


>I have heard that european lenses are leaded crystal, and perhaps
>that's the reason.  Someone please confirm this is that is the case.

Hmmm, not sure about this.  Could be I guess.  Anyone else???