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Re: oil filters (US Bosch)

I went to an auto parts store (Auto Zone) today to see if I
can get A4 oil filters at a reasonable price.  Usually by
Mahle or Mann filters by mail order.

They had a large display of Bosch "premium" filters in
black boxes.  They didn't have A4 filters, but had one for
my 90Q so I bought it out of curiosity.

Also found an 800# in Bosch filter no. reference book.

When I got the filter home I compared it to a Bosch 90Q
filter I bought sometime last year.  Both are marked Made
in USA.  Similar in appearance, but there where some
definite differences.

Called the 800# and reached Champion.  It turns out
Champion makes Bosch and several other filter brands,
including Mobile 1, in the US.

I asked them about the other Bosch filters in yellow boxes.
 They didn't know anything about them.

So, I asked about the differences between Bosch, Mobil 1
and Champion oil filters.
   Champion - 20 micron filtration $3
      Bosch - 15 micron filtration $5
    Mobil 1 - 10 micron filtration and higher burst
pressure $10

| From: Mike Mulholland <meyeke@netinc.ca>
| To: quattro@audifans.com
| Subject: oil filters
| Date: Wednesday, June 30, 1999 9:43 PM
| on my recommendation based on the excellent knowledge
gleaned from the list,
| my brother returned two of the oil filters that he had
purchased earlier and
| exchanged them for bosch filters. to his surprise and
mine the bosch filters
| were clearly stamped "made in usa" i have _no_ problem
with american
| products...but i didn't know bosch filters were an
american product. anyone?
| mike
| 86 5kcdtq, tap chip sjm spring
| 84 5ks
| 84 5ksw
| many cyclops bicycles