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Re: TQC engine & body numbers

In message <3b7297ea.24aecb7e@aol.com> DGraber460@aol.com writes:

> Recently ordered a belt kit from Rod for the (new to me) TQC. He said it
> needed an idler, to which I told him it did not have one. Since the car is
> somewhat disassembled I thought he was probably right. While trying to loosen
> the cam bolt, I put the old belt on to hold the cam, and discovered that the
> belt is long enough for only the water pump. Not an idler pulley. Figured I
> would check the engine number, only to find the block number bar is blank. I
> cleaned it with every solvent I own and wire brushed it with intense light at
> all directions, and its _blank_(I know they're faint, but it is blank!). The
> chassis number is also confusing in that it shows an engine code (numbers 7 &
> 8) of 85 which doesn't fit the normal numbering nomenclature. The VIN is:
>   WAUDC0853DA900610
> The "D" indicates a 4k 4 dr wagon, and the "85" engine designation isn't on
> the chart I downloaded from Euroselect. Anyone have an idea what I've got
> here?

The car was built in September 1982 and belongs to the 1983 model year.

The engine number should be around WR0032nn.  I only know of one other
car with an anomalous engine number, and believe it or not it's from
the same month, although I know how the 'funny' engine got in there.

In the other case, the block was replaced for unknown reasons about
a year into the car's life.  The block that Audi supplied isn't a
standard WR block - it's numbered "*15500*" and has a number of extra
features, including what I believe to be a pre-oiler attachment on the
left side.  This would make sense for what I believe this engine to
be - an industrial model designed for a generator, where full power is
expected right from a cold start.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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