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Re: Bashing Detroit

Mark -

(going off list as we stray further off topic)

Mark Switek wrote:

> I know I'll recieve a lot of heat for this but lets face it, we're a bunch
> of car snobs.

yup.  no heat at all.

> If everyone wanted the same car you're driving, how much
> would it have cost? I have the philosophy that I should enjoy what I drive,

presumably less than they do now, but to your point, not enough to make a
difference to Tammy Bighair who happily tools around in her Cavalier today.  OTOH,
for similar money she could still be into a much nicer stripper Golf. wouldn't
have those cool Z stickers on the rocker panels tho'...

> and hope that wallowing olds behind me can stop when we get to an
> intersection.

yeah, although i am more than certain that driver attentiveness plays the key role
on that.  those big stupid Olds also have big tires and brakes at least.  and Bozo
the Buick driver probably wouldn't be any more awake if we forced him to drive a
C-class MB.

> If you think of it in terms I'm sure not all  Audi drivers golf with
> Calloway clubs, cook with Henkels, sail Hinkleys or my favorite, Morris, etc,.

i don't golf, only sail beater Sunfish and Lasers that i bogart from my friends
'cause it's all i can get my hands on.... for now at least.  i do have the Henkels

> Take it easy on Detroit.

never.  seriously, they obviously have a market and a dedicated clientele who love
their products.  Tammy and Bozo can keep loving their cars and feeling superior
about 'buying American' (and if they believe that, let me sell them a bridge or
two). i will also feel entitiled to my opinion every time i have the dubious
privelege of renting one of these POS.

but rest assured i want to give credit where credit is due.  many of the more
recent Chrysler & Ford products are really decent.  they tend to still miss the
boat with some trim and detail quality - like the bean counter runs in at the last
minute and cuts a few things that will 'never make a difference', but overall the
products seem pretty good.  and design to production time has turned around, due
to competition from Europe and Japan, so we no longer get some car whose design
started out 10 years ago and has been in bureaucracy and focus groups ever since.
i only started on this rant to bash GM over Chrysler really.

AND - i have to confess, right this second, i am driving loaners including a full
sized 1995 Ford Econoline 250 (that's a BIG ass van HIGH off the ground with a
GIANT motor, i may be a snob, but i'm not too proud to drive anything), a beater
VW Jetta, and a beater Honda Civic, while i shop for the replacement to my sadly
departed A4.  if i don't find that perfect 200Q that i'm looking for, who knows,
maybe i'll end up driving a wallowing Olds/Buick land yacht.  ;^)




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