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Re: Ignition Gremlin

In message <377F0CC1.FECF850@pclink.com> Kim Johnson writes:

> My ignition seems to be locked in an "ON" position. I assumed that it
> would be a problem in the ignition switch. Since it is a holiday weekend
> and no parts are available I took the switch out and cleaned up the
> internal contact points thinking I could at least limp along until a new
> switch could be acquired. SUPRISE!!, NO RELIEF the ignition is "stuck
> on" but the starter DOES NOT TURN OVER. The instrument lights (the
> center lights that monitor the various systems) are locked ON with the
> key in or out, ON or OFF. The switch itself did not seem to have any
> problems I polished up all the contact points and got NO CHANGE in the
> symptoms.

Identify, pull and clean the 'X relay' - sometimes called the 'Entastungsrelais'
or 'load relief relay'.  After a while, it'll be the only one that's
warm apart from the starter lockout relay and the fuel pump relay.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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